“Ellie” Rapak

Dear Dr. Werner,

As you know, eight and a half months after being diagnosed with a brain tumor my dog Ellie lost her fight with the cancer this past Saturday morning.  She passed quietly while sleeping by my bedside.

I wanted to thank you so very much for all the terrific care you provided for Ellie throughout her twelve and a half years and especially during this difficult final period.  Your clinical expertise is unmatched and the compassion you showed for her was remarkable.  Ellie could not have asked for better care.

My family has always had pets of one kind or another; dogs, cats, a parakeet, even a pigeon at one point.  Throughout those years we’ve had many veterinarians.  Their skill levels varied from mediocre to very good.  You, sir, are excellent!  While any of our previous veterinarians could have cared for Ellie, you cared about Ellie.  That is a huge difference!

In fact, this is the first time I’ve had a pet that actually liked to go to the vet!  When it was time for her checkups, I’d say, “Ellie, would you like to go see Dr. Werner?”  Her ears would perk up, she’d get all excited and she’d head for the car.  Then on the ride over, she’d pace back and forth excitedly in the back seat, wagging her tail, anxious to see you.  It was really something to see!

Rest assured that I will highly recommend Werner Animal Hospital to other pet owners.  I know they won’t be disappointed.


Dan Rapak

Dan Rapak

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