Microchip Pet Identification

Microchip Pet Identification is a revolutionary way to help return a lost pet. The process consists of injecting a small microchip beneath the skin of your pet that is linked to an online registry. After the chip has been placed in your pet, you are given instructions on how to register your pet with the host service. Once the animal is registered, your ownership information is kept in a database accessible to animal control services and veterinarians around the country.

When a stray animal is collected by these services or brought to a nearby veterinarian, they are scanned (a standard practice on stray animals) with a non-invasive handheld scanner similar to a metal detection wand. If the animal has been microchipped, the scanner will identify the unique registration code of the microchip and provide the scanning party with your ownership information, offering an invaluable avenue for the safe return of your pet. For more information on microchipping your pet, please contact our office.

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